• Mangosteen Caps 3 Pack


    Currently used by Deakin University in human clinical trials.
    Chemical & pesticide free – Veg caps Lactose /Gluten free.

    OUR PRICE $79.95  $26.65 each:  FREE  SHIPPING   (Australia Only )

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  • Mangosteen Capsules

    Triple Strength Antioxidant Formula

    Australian Government Laboratory tested and certified for purity. Made in Australia.
    We do not use any Chinese sourced Mangosteen. Recommended retail at $32. 50

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  • 6 x Mangosteen Capsules

    Value Six Pack   – SAVE $47.50
    Recommended Retail  $195. Our Price $147.50  = $24.58 each

    FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide. International shipping $25

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  • Miracle Mangosteen Muscle & Joint Balm

    Used by chiropractic’s and physios around Australia.
    Soothe soreness from bad posture and sports injuries ,aching joints, muscles, lower backs, knees and shoulders.
    Perfect for sensitive skin . Stops itching. New handy 75gm tube.

    Recommended price $28.50  Our Price $21.50 * Save $7 per tube.

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  • Buy 3 capsules and get 1 free Balm tube

    Mangosteen Balm soothes and calms sore knees, backs and shoulders.The solution for any issue with sore joints or muscles

    RETAIL  $123   OUR PRICE  $79.95  SAVE $43  FREE SHIPPING- Australia Only


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  • Mangosteen Balm 100ml

     100ml Jar.

    Soothes aching joints, muscles, backs, knees, shoulders, bad posture and sports injuries.
    Perfect for sensitive skin. Stops itching in seconds!
    No burning feeling. Rub in gently! Works quickly!
    Retail price – $31.50   OUR PRICE   $24.50   Save $7

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  • Mangosteen Balm 250ml

    New 250ml Value Jar.

    Hundreds of people have found that this product excellent for: 

    Soothing aching joints, muscles, backs, knees, shoulders, bad posture and sports injuries.
    Perfect for sensitive skin. Stops itching in seconds!
    No burning feeling. Rub in gently! Works quickly!
    Retail price – $59.95  OUR PRICE $49.95  Save $10

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  • Mangosteen capsules + 100ml Balm

    A perfect combination for all round health and vitality.
    This amazing Hemp, Mangosteen and Emu oil Balm.
    Turning heads in professional circles because of its effectiveness.Brilliant product.
    The mangosteen capsules are certified heavy metal and pesticide free.
    Made in Australia (Adelaide)
    Retail $63 Our Price $49.95 – SAVE $13

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  • Mangosteen Hand & Body Lotion 250ml

    Mangosteen – Emu Oil – Hempseed Oil Formula
    Nourishes and revitalises all skin types.
    Heavy Metals and Pesticide FREE.Not tested on animals
    Made In South Australia
    Retail Price $35.50 – XMAS Offer Price $27.50

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  • Mangosteen Face Lotion 130ml

    A beautiful antioxidant lotion.
    Sinks directly into the skin.
    Free of Heavy Metals and Pesticides.
    Not tested on Animals.
    Made In South Australia
    Recommended Retail $27.50 – Our Price $23.50

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  • 5 x Vitalxan Powder (20gm)

    Special 5 For the Price of 3 – MANGOSTEEN Fruit Juice Powder Concentrate

    Run down,fatigued. Need an energy boost?  Fights oxidative damage and neutralises free radicals.
    Just one 150ml wine glass full daily boosts energy levels.
    Five packets make10 litres of juice extract

    Save $32  – PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

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  • Vitapet 100 Probiotic Value Pack

    Powerful probiotic, antioxidant vitamin, mineral  formula.
    Promotes digestion, wet noses, skin, shiny coats, eye health, mobility and wellbeing.
    All natural Beef Flavour product. Does NOT contain any ANIMAL INGREDIENTS.
     Get an Extra Tub FREE!  3 for the price of 2 – Triple Pack  price $57  Save $28.50




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  • Green Papaya Powder

    Green Papaya Powder
    • Our Green Papaya comes from Organic plantations in North Thailand
    • Packed with enzymes Papain, Vit C, E, Beta – Carotene Antioxidants.
    • Papain maintains a clean healthy gut.
    • Gut issues are characterized by reflux, heartburn, indigestion, bloating and digestive discomfort.
    • Promotes digestive health and – Provides your daily fiber needs.
    • Keeps parasites and bad bacteria at bay.
    • Offers dietary support when added to a protein smoothie.

    Recommended Price $27 50 Our Price $22.50 Save $5

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  • testimonials-tania

    I have Ross River Virus. Marvellous products just wouldn’t be without them.

    Tanya Pitman
  • testimonial-nadia

    I can now play tennis again for the first time for 5 years.
    I am so energised now. Just brilliant products.

    Nadia Krolikowski
  • testimonial-kevin

    Vitalxan has turned the clock back for me.
    Much more mobility and energy.

    Kevin Young
  • testimonial_thumb

    I am a radio personality and don’t mince my words.
    Great products amazed at the results.

    Chris Carpenter: Managing Director - Hills Radio 88.9FM