Why is Mangosteen So Good for You?

Just imagine the benefits of consuming Flavonoids of Dark Chocolate, Catechins of Green Tea, Vitamin C of Oranges, Carotene of Carrots, Proantho-Cyanidins of Grape Seeds and Polysaccharides of Aloe Vera all at once every day. Mangosteen Fruit Capsules contain ALL these prized nutrients in substantial amounts. Vitalxan Mangosteen daily keeps your body well supplied with safe natural antioxidants and other essential nutrients like Polythenols to protect and balance bodily functions.Good nutrition for the body is like changing the oil regularly in your car. If we don’t change the oil regularly the engine will run sluggishly and eventually break down.

Vitalxan mangosteen is Australian clinically research-tested. No other Mangosteen powder has undergone any human clinical studies like the Vitalxan brand. Vitalxan Mangosteen makes lifelong good nutrition easy.

Vitalxan products are Australian produced and owned. Free Shipping Australia.
Before ordering Mangosteen online be aware that prices are normally advertised in USA dollars. With Covid allow up to 4/6 weeks for delivery.
Prices are AUD and delivery normally 4 working days.
Our products are tested and certified in Australia at a registered TGA Laboratory for heavy metals, pesticides and Antioxidant strength so you know you are getting a quality product.

I called the company because I wanted to try the mangosteen and green papaya because I had recently had experienced two bouts of food poisoning and gastro which had left my digestive system quite out of balance. It was just amazing how I improved dramatically after a few weeks. My bowel movements are now the best they have ever been and my energy and sleep has improved and I have also noticed that I feel calmer than I usually do!

Kate Driver -Naturopath

I started to use the Vitalxan mangosteen capsules to increase my antioxidant intake. and mangosteen massage balm after a harness racing accident a few years ago. My injuries were so severe I had several plates installed by the hospital surgeon. I have recently recovered from a second racing accident and these natural mangosteen products are helping me big time ! I love the massage balm it is a winner for me! Brilliant products.

Danni Hill Harness Jockey- Adelaide

I find the Vitalxan products to be ethical and beneficial. They are simple to use but above all of this –They do work!

John Quinn Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Sydney

I’ve had issues for years with my aching back from continually bending at work. Vitalxan is great and a bonus is I have more energy now from the vitamins in the fruit, and I have been using these great products for 5 years.

Kevin Young Adelaide

The Vitalxan mangosteen balm is so good that I have introduced it to several accredited exercise physiologists worldwide.

Rick Carter Life Member Athletics Australia – Adelaide

I don’t mince my words. Great products, amazed at the results.

Chris Carpenter Managing Director – Hills Radio 88.9FM

When I added Vitalxan to my training programme I was able to train harder, recover faster and my energy levels increased.

Craig Richardson

After 7 years of human clinical studies, the notion that the Mangosteen fruit could be an effective treatment in years to come for for Schizophrenia comes as no surprise to the research team.
We will know the answer soon once all our data has been processed.

Micheal Berk

When I first contracted Ross River Virus I thought I’d never recover. I was literally immobile with no energy and my whole body ached.
A friend recommended I try the fruit. Hello! I was back on my feet in no time. Lots of energy and leading a full life. Great products!

Tania Pitman
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