Your Gut could be screaming for Green Papaya!

Just letting you know that the cleansing part of the green papaya has finished. Hooray!

I’m starting to feel so good that my skin is staring to glow and my internals are working great and I’m sleeping much better.

What a difference in such a short few weeks. It is just an amazing turn around to my health issues.

I have started to take the Green Papaya daily plus my mangosteen tablets and I really seem to be getting better both internally & externally.

My IBS (irritable bowel syndrome is settling and my mood swings seem to be more balanced.

I can’t believe that I would feel so good and really so happy with the results I’m getting.

So I thought I would send you a good email not one asking a million questions.

I know that I have peppered you with many questions over the past few months looking for a miracle. My doctor did not have an answer and even now he is interested in my new regime and he is listening to me and would like to know more about mangosteen.

Thanks for your help & patience I really appreciate it.

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