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Vitalxan is proud to announce that our Vitalxan ‘Super Strong Mangosteen Powder’ is successful following a 5 year study into Schizophrenia, conducted Wendy Laupu as part of her PhD study at James Cook University. A paper was published in the British Journal of Medical Health Journal of Medical Health  – Interpreting the supplementation of Mangosteen in Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective conditions. Read below in the James Cook University Link.

Deakin University in conjunction with Queensland University have now concluded a second human  research study using the Vitalxan proprietary mangosteen powder. The results of this study is expected to be published this year 2019. A further study for Bi Polar is currently on going.

mangosteen research

The Mangosteen (garcinia mangostana) tree develops out of 6 to 25 m (19.7 into 82.0 feet ) tall. The fresh fruit of the mangosteen is fine and sweet, succulent, exceptionally fibrous, using fluid-filled vesicles (such as the flesh of citrus result), using an abysmal, profound reddish-crimson colored rind (exocarp) whereas mature. Seeds are both almond-formed and sized.

Mangosteen can be actually a local plant into southeast Asia. Especially appreciated for its succulent, delicate feel and slightly sour and sweet flavour, the mangosteen was cultivated in Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, mainland southeast-Asia, and also the Philippines as a result of truth that ancient times.

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