Mangosteen Capsules and Balm Testimonial

Folks these products work. I can attest to it.

When in rehab and after Personal Training (They were really rough) the therapist would put the mangosteen cream on my leg.

Within 5 mins the pain diminished. It’s just like magic. I just could not believe how quickly it worked.

I used this mangosteen cream on my leg several times a day for the pain but as a bonus, the scar even diminished.

The scar looks fabulous from what it once was to what it is 2 months later.

We visited Australia in 2017 and stayed with Tim and Beverley the owners of Vitalxan. That’s how we found out about these products.

I have used the Mangosteen capsules and massage balm on a regular basis and they were a godsend for Ken’s back pain whilst on holiday.

These products are absolutely amazing and will soon be available in the USA for purchase.

Just look at my scars. Only 8 weeks difference.


Sharon Taylor – Plano -Texas

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