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Mangosteen Cream – Sharon Taylor – Plano -Texas

Here is information on Vitalxan Mangosteen Cream from Sharon Taylor who was in rehab for a scar. After Personal Training (They were really rough) the therapist would put the mangosteen cream on my leg. This mangosteen cream truly helps to heal a scar looks fabulous compared to what it was 2 months earlier.

I have used the Mangosteen capsules to raise my energy levels and massage cream for a scar on my knee on a regular basis and were a godsend for massaging Ken’s back whilst on holiday.

These products are absolutely amazing and will soon be available in the USA for purchase.

Just look at my scars. Only 8 weeks difference.



The mangosteen in any form is extremely effective because just like pomegranates, blueberries, and cranberries, it falls into the category of super fruit due to its high antioxidant benefits. Despite its name, the mangosteen has no relation to the actual mango. Maybe the only similarity is the way one typically cut into the fruit. Since the mangosteen has such a hard outer shell, it’ll survive on the counter for quite a few days but it is recommended that you put it in the fridge, loosely wrapped plastic bag.

Originally from Thailand, if you start to see Mangosteens in your store or at your farmers market, you want to choose mangosteens that have a hard shell with a stem that is green and fresh. They might have a green flowery cap on it as well.

One of the more interesting facts about the mangosteen, if you take a look at the outside, you’ll notice a clover-shaped scar left by the fruits of the flower located on the bottom of each mangosteen.

Cut it in the fruit by just making a slice around the middle of its pretty hard shell. Be careful not to cut too deep because you don’t want to cut the fruit inside. You can then twist it open and you’ll see it’s got individual slices similar in layout to orange slices. The sweet taste is like citrus, actually quite refreshing. They are also available in Capsule form from Vitalxan, so you can conveniently enjoy the many benefits every day. You can also order Vitalxan Mangosteen Cream.

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