Green Papaya & Bromeline Digestive Enzymes

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Digestive Enzymes PLUS

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Made from mature Green Papayas  containing a high source of Papain & Bromeline is a powerful enzyme extracted from the Pineapple stem.

Combined these enzymes create a powerful digestive aid helping to break down high protein foods like undigested red meat.

The Papain in raw Green Papaya is much stronger than found in the ripened version (Pink) you find in local markets.

This will ease any gut issues  like constipation, bloating and gases

Simply mix 2 teaspoons in a smoothie or yogurt. Ideal and delicious when sprinkled over cereals at breakfast.





Digestive Enzymes Plus is made from Green Papaya and Bromeline (extract from the pineapple stem)

Gut issues are characterized by heartburn,indigestion,bloating,gas and digestive comfort (constipation)

The enzyme combination of this product promotes digestive health, provides your daily fibre needs and maintains a healthy gut.

The product is Gluten and Lactose free. heavy metal and pesticide free with no preservatives or sugar.

It is Vegan and diabetic friendly.

Digestive Enzymes PLUS is a must since doctors and researchers have stated that over 90% of diseases can occur from poor gut health.



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