Vitalxan Digestive Health Supplements

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Mangosteen Capsules /Digestive Enzymes

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What a magical combination for anyone  seeking FIBER in their diet presented in a simple powdered food.Also with high antioxidant support with our popular mangosteen capsules.

Tremendous gut health combination

Made from mature Green Papayas  containing a high source of Papain & Bromeline is a powerful enzyme extracted from the Pineapple stem.

Combined these enzymes create a powerful digestive aid helping to break down high protein foods like undigested red meat.

The Papain in raw Green Papaya is much stronger than found in the ripened version (Pink) you find in local markets.

Both of these products packed in Australia from ingredients from reliable sources in Thailand and Hawaiian plantations.

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Digestive Health Supplements



Digestive Health Supplements

The perfect food supplementation combination for Digestive Health.Supplements

Digestive Enzymes Plus Digestive Health Supplements are made from Green Papaya (90%) and Bromelain (10%) (extract from the pineapple stem) .

Combined these enzymes create a powerful digestive aid helping to break down high protein foods like undigested red meat which may ease any gut issues and create energy

Gut issues are characterized by heartburn, indigestion, bloating, gas and digestive comfort (constipation)
The enzyme combination of this product promotes digestive health, provides your daily fiber needs which maintains a healthy gut.
The product is Gluten and Lactose-free. heavy metal and pesticide-free with NO FILLERS, PRESERVATIVES, or SUGAR.
It is vegan and diabetic-friendly.

You will be uplifted by the extra energy created by ingesting Digestive Health Supplements with Green Papaya and Bromeline Digestive Health Supplements when added to your diet.

Sprinkle over cereals, mix in yogurt or add two teaspoons to a daily smoothie. It is vegan and diabetic-friendly.

Vitalxan Mangosteen

100% Pure Whole Fruit Mangosteen 

Essential nutrition for the body is like changing the oil in your car. If you don’t change the engine oil regularly, it will run sluggishly and eventually seize up.

A powerhouse of nutrients with over 40 Antioxidants and polyphenols offering benefits to every system within the body when combined with a well-balanced multi-vitamin program

The ideal supplement for Vegetarians, seniors, runners, athletes, and sportspeople. Vegetarian caps Lactose /Gluten-free.

Our proprietary Mangosteen powder is from the Whole Fruit. Heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides FREE.

Digestive Health Supplements

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