Mangosteen Face & Body Moisturiser + UV 30+ Sun Protection 130ml

$32.50 $24.50

Mangosteen UV 30+ Face & Body Moisteriser 130ml – Non Greasy Antioxidant Formula

Rec. Retail Price $32.50 |  Our Price $24.50 Save 25%

I came across this product by pure accident. This guy walked into our Post Office store and asked me to try it as it would beautify my skin. What a CHAT UP line that was so I just had to try it. Well so soft it absorbed directly into my skin and it felt so good I just bought some .I have been using this product for 2 yrs and have recommended it to many friends. I fully recommend you just try it.

At last a moisteriser and sun protector in one product. Brilliant idea and yes it does work.I now have soft beautiful skin.




Mangosteen Face & Body Moisteriser UV 30+ Sun Protection –

RRP $32.50  Our Price $24.50 Save 25%

NEW! Mangosteen Face/Body UV 30+ Face & Body moisteriser
Active is natures way of helping restore the skins natural appearance ensuring a healthier,smoother and vibrant looking skin.
Non greasy formula
Packed full of antioxidants, polythenols and amino acids which penetrates, nourishes and readily absorbs into the skin.

Ingredients | Aqua, Glycerol Mon stearate, Emu Oil, Glycerin, Hemp  Oil, Coconut Oil, Mangosteen, Cetomacrogol, Stearic Acid, Goats Milk, Conditioning Wax,Cosmocil (amino acid).  Essential Oils  Rosewood, Rose Geranium, May Chang.

Made in South Australia

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